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Batman Wall Decor

batman wall decor

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Batman (update!)

Batman (update!)

On the way to the vet on Saturday we decided if it was a boy he would be called "Batman". We found that out, but we also found out he tested a "weak positive" for feline leukemia. I am riding my hopes on the fact that the veterinarian said 70% of kittens with a weak positive will overcome it. So, Batman he is. He will fight the forces of evil, and prevail.

(He has been & will be segregated from the other cats for 3 months, until they can re-check.)

UPDATE! I took him to the vet today (5/28) because he has a tapeworm. She decided to go ahead and do his second fel. leuk. test and (oh happy day!!!) it was NEGATIVE. He is loose in the house tonight having the time of his life. Thank you all for your support!!

Like a nerdier cardboard beer-ad standup

Like a nerdier cardboard beer-ad standup

LED-based parking garage indicators. Very cool and they merited my patented Stand And Think Carefully reaction (in which I try to picture exactly what I would use this cool thing for, the moment I get back to the house).

It'd have been a cool decoration. But hanging this on my wall seemed just one thin step above hanging up a STOP sign. I display my Batman and Superman and Darth Vader statues with pride but I think I'm about ten years past the sell-by date for that sort of decor.

batman wall decor

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